Citronella Pure Essential Oil

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An incredibly uplifting essential oil which releases a citrus scent. This zesty fragrance naturally boosts energy and reinvigorates.

Works as a fantastic mood elevator.

It's also a great mosquito repellent. In Italy, people rub citronella leaves in their bodies during summer to repel insects and mosquito.

Add 1/2 drops of citronella oil into your electric or reed diffuser to keep the mosquitos away.

Blends well with: Orange, Cedar Wood and Eucalyptus.

This is a concentrated essential oil. To make your own reed diffuser fragrance, mix 10ml of your chosen scents with 90ml of base oil and then simply pour it into your glass bottle and add new reeds. You can even blend your own scents using a range of fragrance oils and add 10ml of your blend to the base oil for a unique home scent.