Can I really reproduce my favourite Reed Diffuser?

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Can I really reproduce my favourite Reed Diffuser?

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This is the most popular question we get from our customers, so we thought why not do a blog post to answer it!

Top 5 Home Scents for Spring – how you can welcome the freshness of the new season into your whole house

Alison Brown

When spring is in the air and you want to make a fresh start, introduce a new fragrance into your home.  These are the five best scents for the new season.

Scents for around the home – how you can make sure that you’re getting the most from your rooms

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Get the most from your home by choosing the right scent for each room. An easy guide to making the perfect fragrances for around your home.

Make your own Reed Diffuser Oil

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Making your own Reed Diffuser Oil couldn't be easier using one of our kits. We have sourced premium Home Fragrance Oils from all over the world to provide that perfect aroma in your home.