Myrrh & Tonka Bean Luxury Scented Disinfectant


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This fragrance delivers a scent reminiscent of a popular perfume scent. 

Myrrh & Tonka Bean is an exquisite balance of sweet and spicy notes to create this exotic and intoxicating blend.

Top Notes are Lemon and Bergamot, followed by the sweet scents of Jasmin, Plum and Lily. Finally, the fragrance dries down to the woody base note of Tonka Bean, Myrrh and Orchid, mellowing the cologne with a musky ending. 

Our Luxury Scented Home Disinfectant Sprays feature a streak-free formula that kills 99.9% of bacteria within seconds, with no need to rinse, leaving a long-lasting fragrance throughout your home.
Its versatile formula is suitable for many surfaces, sinks, including windows, tiles, toilet seats, door handles, plastic, car dashboards, desks, mirrors, metal.

Simply spray the disinfectant on the surface and wipe with a damp or dry cloth.
The lovely, long-lasting scent of Myrrh & Tonka Bean will diffuse throughout your home or office.

Size: 500ml

Made in UK.