Lavender Floral Water (Hydrolat) 50ml


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Floral Waters, also called Hydrolat, are used to soothe, cool and tone all kinds of skin, especially sensitive, dry or combination skin. They are often used in skincare and aromatherapy thanks to their properties and they are also extremely versatile. Floral waters hydrate and balance the pH levels of the skin, and treat redness, acne and sunburns.

Lavender Floral Water is obtained by the distillation of Lavender flowers.

You can use Lavender Floral Water:

- As facial toner, immediately after cleansing your skin, to calm and soothe the skin;

- As a make-up setter, to help set your make-up throughout the day;

- As hair toner, use it during your final rinse when shampooing or after you blow dry your hair, for a delicate scent;

- Combined with lotions and moisturisers or on its own, to calm the skin from sunburns, insect bites and skin irritations

- As Aromatherapy, spray the floral water onto pillows or clothes, to relax your mind and body. 

Lavender is ideal for all ages, even elderly and children.

When using for the first time on your skin or fabrics, make sure you test it on a small area first.